OA1000 Mercury Pro 2K High-Performance Fingerprint & RFID Terminal

> Dual Core high speed CPU > Its memory supports 200,000 records > The template within the card allows an unlimited number of users > 1.3 Million Camera capture verifier’s photo for event backup > Built-in Webserver for device quick set and records check >

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As a flagship series of Anviz high level fingerprint access control, OA1000 Mercury Pro gathers diverse characteristicswith a Dual Core 1.0GHz CPU and inbuilt cloud software. Based on Linux platform, integrated with Lumidigm multispectral finger sensor and a module of Mifare cards to have the templates in the card. OA1000 Mercury Pro is the most favorite choice for professional security systems.

Sensor Lumidigm multispectral
Algorithm Lumidigm, Anviz BioNANO (Optional)
Fingerprint Template Capacity 25,000
Scan Area(W*H) 13.9mm*17.4mm
Dimensions(W*H*D) 180 * 137 * 50mm
Resolution 500 DPI
FRR 0.001%
FAR 0.00001%
LCD 3.5 Inch TFT Display
Camera 1.3 Million Pixel Camera
Log Capacity 200,000
User Photo Capacity 500, Soporta tarjeta SD 16GB
RFID Card Mifare 13.56 MHz, R/W
ldentification Mode FP,FP+Card,FP+PIN,Card
Identification Time 1: 10,000 <0.5 Sec
Communication Interface TCP/IP, RS232, USB Flash Drive Host, Optional WIFI, 3G
Webserver Built-in Webserver
Built-in Relay Relays Output (Directly Lock control & Alarm output)
I/O Wiegand In&Out, Switch, Door Bell
Image Display User Photo & Fingerprint Image
Short Message 200
Scheduled Bell 30 Scheduleds
Self-service Record Inquiry Yes
Groups & Time Schedules 16 Groups, 32 Time Zones
Certificate FCC, CE, ROHS
Tamper Alarms Yes
Operating Voltage DC 12V
Temperature -20℃~ 60℃;
Preferred Humidity 10 to 90%
Firmware Update USB Flash Drive, TCP/IP, Webserver
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